Despite the fact that recycling is not a big thing here in morocco, it is a big thing at Bagus surf camp.

As a part of our community we decided to take responsibility of our environment, our first action toward that was when we started building our surf camp, we’ve been collecting what others considered rubbish or useless and used it to create what we needed, and it wasn’t just filling our need, it gave us items that are unique and shows our touch.

We used what we collected to build shelves, signs, clothes hangers, frames and decorations, and the best piece of art we made was our famous family table. We used an old wooden gate and decided to give it another life, it wasn’t an easy task but we accepted the challenge. We changed what was considered a useless broken gate to a table that can fit up to 26 people.

Our second action was meant to reduce the single use plastic in the camp, as we realized that everyone was buying plastic bottles of water. To prevent that from happening, or at least reduce it, we decided to import a water filter from the U.S. Now everyone can use their own refillable bottles and fill them with clean water from our filter, this has dramatically reduced the necessity to buy water and we barely see any plastic bottles around.

We are always striving to improve what we do and we are continuously looking at ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact.



I have over 10 years experience in tourism and surfing, and also a freelance photographer. Having managed surf companies before, I felt like something was missing – there was just no passion. So in 2015 I decided to go it alone and started Bagus Surf Camp; everything we do here comes from the heart. My home is your home and I welcome the travellers of the world to enjoy life the Bagus way.


Safir has worked with Mourad at Bagus for a couple of years, and is a huge part of the team. He loves seeing all the guests happy and enjoying themselves, and makes delicious food with Mourad every day. Safir is always around with a smile and makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.


Hamza has been a friend of our family since 2015, the kind of the person that will be there when you need him, Hamza will make sure you are having a great time during your stay and he got a lot of funny stories to tell, he is obsessed with technology and anything that is related to that, he could disappear once in a while but don’t worry, he would be in the office either working or playing his video games.


Ocean is Bagus newest member, he is the head of our security department, and that’s why he will be the first one you will meet when you enter Bagus surf camp, and soon as he get to know you he won’t be just making sure you are safe but he will be your entertainer for your whole stay.


Bali is everyone’s favourite Bagus family member. A big bundle of fur and love, everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She’ll always welcome you and make sure you’re giving her plenty of attention!


Our beautiful house is located in the village of Tamraght, just 5 minutes from Crocro beach, and 8 minutes to Devils Rock. It offers a peaceful and quiet location close to a variety of yellow-sand beaches and excellent surf spots – both beach breaks and point breaks. Here you are also not far from world-famous Anchor Point: a great place to surf or to sit and watch others tackling the famous righthander. Set back from the main road of Tamraght, our relaxed location is a great place to come and chill and enjoy the hosting from our team. With a nice view of the mountains and the ocean from our rooftop terrace, this is definitely the location to enjoy an authentic taste of Morocco. We are only a short drive/bus/taxi ride to the fishing and surfing village of Taghazout, where there is a great selection of restaurants, cafes and shops.

Our location is ideal for surfing breaks, yoga holidays, co-working, company trips, parties and events. We can make sure that no matter your reason for coming, you will be happy and relaxed throughout.

Bagus is also just a 20-minute journey from the centre of Agadir, where you can find even more restaurants, shops, souks, supermarkets and various transport options to other parts of the country. All you need to do is just ask our team.