Starting at €399.00/week all-inlcusive

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Our advanced package is suited for the real swellchasers. You are comfortable surfing waves over 5/6 feet, you can do a proper duck dive and you know your way around pointbreaks and reefbreaks. You chose Bagus Surf to make sure you will get some nice and uncrowded waves during your stay.


Who says that Anchor Point and Boilers are the only “real” good waves around? Our surf guiding will bring you best possible surf spot. To give you an idea, the area that we cover with the normal surf guiding consists of more than 40 spots! It’s just a matter of picking the right one. Our surf guides will do everything to make sure we find a wave that suits your skills and needs (depending on the swell).

Staying in our quad rooms

439per person, per week

Staying in our double rooms

539per person, per week

Staying in our twin rooms

539per person, per week


We want you to relax and enjoy your stay with us so we provide pretty much everything you will need for you holiday. If there is something specific you need to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable, just let us know and we will try to accommodate you – but our package includes:

  • Airport transfer from Agadir airport or Agadir bus station

  • A healthy breakfast in the camp from 8-00am : 10-00am

  •  A packed lunch, water, and snacks for a days surfing

  • Daily surf trips with our guides to the best options of the day

  •  No time limit on surfing

  • Transport to and from the surf spots

  •  Dinner at our camp each night. Our chef prepares fresh health food each evening.

  • Transfer back to Agadir airport or agadir bus terminal, time to say goodbye


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