Project Description

Visit Imsouane

A fantastic surf spot for long boarders to catch that wave and have the longest ride of your life.

Imsouane is located about 60km north of Tamraght. The journey there goes past some of the iconic surf sites, takes in incredible scenery, over a mountain and eventually you come to a small road leading down the mountain to the small town.

With two distinct areas, you can take the long sweeping right hand break that goes on for ever – perfect for the longboard rider, or go the other side of the point to the shorter break – both breaks are ideal for all levels of experience. No matter whether you’re a beginner or advanced, surfing at Imsouane is a beautiful experience that will stay with you.

When you aren’t surfing, you can soak up the sun and relaxed atmosphere by the harbour with a fresh fish lunch, or take a walk around the small village to enjoy the sights. It’s easy to spend a whole day in this sleepy and picturesque spot.

Due to the longer journey to get there, it is mostly unspoilt and not that busy – a hidden gem for you to enjoy.